EDTC 400. Did we become too dependent on technology and what we really need is to unplug

My 2-year plan with my phone will end soon around this month and I was doing little research on what should I do with my phone next. I could keep my old phone or upgrade it to the greatest and latest smartphone. The big and important factor for a university student like me was how much would it cost. Of course, the newer phone comes with more expensive plans, and then I asked myself, are these new upgraded features and technologies worth the price I’m paying for in my everyday life? Speaking of phones and plans, my other options are to get plans with or without data. I always had plans with data and used data quite often. I usually use data when I don’t have a wifi connection, emergency internet usages, and map. And it got me thinking, do I absolutely need data when I’m using my phone in everyday life? To be honest, most of the time, I’m at the school, home, church, grocery, and gym; and I know how to get there for sure, and have wifi access.


It changed our lives.

We can technically live without technology. But as technology grows day by day, it feels like the world is working around the technology. Technology has become an inevitable part of our society. Technology is the easiest and fastest way to grow and acquire knowledge. In this article, it explains how the technology benefits in connecting around the world, agriculture, medicine, shopping, payment, education, gadgets, and business; and there are probably going to be way more in our lives too.

Technology doesn’t teach.

My dad used to tell me whenever I’m about to make a decision if something is important to me, I need to know the purpose of it. For example, the purpose of the calculator is to speed up the calculation with really big numbers. Do I think the calculators are well serving its purpose when the children are so used relying on calculators for every little calculation? No. I think we are dependent on technology too much when we are starting to use it for wrong purposes and take away the basic surviving skills. In a classroom, I think the technology is just a tool. I think I talked about this many times before but I think the technology can be an effective teaching tool. But it’s up to the teachers of how they use it.






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