Pros vs Cons – YouTube in classroom

Nolan Batt and I made a video talking about pros and cons of YouTube in classroom. YouTube was my great tutor that helped me went through high school. It has thousands and thousands of different kinds of educational videos that can help us very effectively. Since video has audio and image, it was easy for … Pros vs Cons – YouTube in classroom 계속 읽기


004. Robot is controlling a plane.

Aurora Flight Sciences announced a video about ALIAS : Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System. Alias is not like auto pilot system where it is literally a robot arm controlling inside of a plane. Alias has two arms connected to a tablet, and controlled by our voice. It is placed beside a pilot, so a pilot can … 004. Robot is controlling a plane. 계속 읽기

003. Phone by Google: Pixel

There are so many different smart phones. And now there is even "Phone by Google" Actually, Google was producing smartphone "Nexus", it had chance to embark the Google's latest android version, so it was like a reference smartphone. But this time, Pixel and Pixel XL were produced by Google. They involved in designing, and producing, it … 003. Phone by Google: Pixel 계속 읽기

002. Apple Bluetooth Controller?!?!

April 1st, 2016, it has been 40 years since Apple was established. Looks like some people still love 40 years old Apple products. One of them sold very first Apple computer at an auction for $365,000.   Bluetooth controller company in Hong Kong made a Bluetooth controller inspired  by Apple logo. AP40 has old version … 002. Apple Bluetooth Controller?!?! 계속 읽기