When Students Engage in Design Thinking

I read this post yesterday. It explained what happens when students are engaged in design.


Personally, I studied Photoshop little bit by my dad. I wasn’t the best, but I tried and had lots of fun.

In this article, there are 10 things that will happen, and especiallyI felt connected to the last one ‘they become creative risk-takers.’

  1. They become creative risk-takers. Design thinking encourages students to engage in creative risk-taking at every stage. In the research phase, students can engage in divergent thinking, learning that every question matters. In the ideation phase, they get over the fear that their ideas might be “dumb” as they generate and combine ideas. In the creating and revising phases, they realize that the only true failure is giving in to fear of failure.

It helped me to think that I can sometimes think outside the box, which it helped me a lot as a math person. I didn’t have to solve one problem with same way every time. Not just math, I think students will be more creative. And this is very important because they might be the one who can change the world. Who knows?


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