Doug Song 003. abra cadabra ALBERT BANDURA

In social learning theory, monitoring another person, a model, getting praised or scolded can have related results on the observer's action. Social cognitive theory develops social learning theory to include cognitive factors such as beliefs, expectations, and perceptions.keep to oneself We said that social cognitive theory describes a system. This system, triarchic reciprocal causality is … Doug Song 003. abra cadabra ALBERT BANDURA 계속 읽기


self story analysis

Personally, whatever I do for the first time, that specific moment will always remain within my heart. My story is about my very first experience with winter in Canada. Being a foreigner from a somewhat warm country, I did not expect the winter to be this cold. I can still clearly remember how shocked and … self story analysis 계속 읽기

Doug Song 002. Cognitive Views of Learning

In chapter 8, Cognitive Views of Learning, the parts about working memory caught my attention. I didn't know there were different kinds of memories. A "working" memory... so I thought it can benefit my studying tactics, and to teach my future students. Working memory holds information impermanently and integrates with knowledge from long-term memory. A … Doug Song 002. Cognitive Views of Learning 계속 읽기