Doug Song 001. Why would you do that??!!

When I talk with my friends, serve customers at my work, or watching the news on television, I’ve always wondered, “Why would they do that?”. I’m not saying that all of those people are bad (sometimes they are…), but I wondered why some people think and act so differently as I would do.

Rather you were born from a rich family, or in a country where you can’t get fresh water, everyone has their own settings and situations, and those situations can influence on their lives that are both in and out of the developing person. My dad decided to move to Canada when he was in the early 40s, and I came here only when I was like 12 years old little kid. I think I can say that I spend the majority of my life in Canada, however, my dad who barely speaks English is very different from me. The two different Canadian and Korean cultures and manners work, the way my dad was raised by my strict grandparents against how my dad didn’t really care about what I do, all those different situations we were raised made me felt like we were some kind of very distant cousins. Sometimes made me ask, why would my dad do that I wouldn’t do. It’s because I wasn’t in his situations and he wasn’t in mine so we both couldn’t understand each other.

Today in ECS 200, we talked about the Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model of human development. My group talked about how neighbors can influence children. We said stuff like how neighbor’s kids can play with our kids, or they can watch other neighbor’s bad behaviors and learn from them. I said how there can be an interaction between the children’s parents with other parents. They might have some troubles each other, or get to know each other better by having like garage sales, and kids watch and learn how their parents behave to other people outside of their family group.

When I was about to post this, I came up with a question. That is, what would be life be like to some people who don’t have any microsystem like school, friends, or even families. There are many people who don’t have any friends to hang out after school, have to walk miles and miles just to go to the school, or families like to tell how their days were and support each other.


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  1. It is interesting to read that you and your dad are both Koreans, but are different. It just comes back to the reading that we had to do. Your dad was raised in a different environment than you. we talked about how neighbourhoods affect children. You and your dad are good examples of that! Your question is a really good question. . . It can carry multiple answers. This question did not occur to me, but this question can relate to many children I believe. I think the have a harder time at developing socially, there would be many more factors that would make it difficult for the child. I think when we are teachers in the future we need to look out for this and try to support them as much as possible. Your blog looks awesome! Loving your picture!


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