Doug Song 008. Campus for All

I didn't get a chance to have like a conversation about us, so I thought today we would get to know each other better. Instead of meeting at the library, I told him to meet at the cafe so we can talk freely. At first, I didn't what to talk about, but as we talked … Doug Song 008. Campus for All 계속 읽기


Doug Song 007. induction

New teachers, they have a lot of stuff in their mind. They worry about classroom management (if they can manage students' behaviour, but yet approachable, etc), personal concerns, instructional concerns, socialization concerns, and etc. There are some strategies for it, but other teachers or principles can help too. Induction is a procedure or ceremony for introducing … Doug Song 007. induction 계속 읽기

Doug Song 005.

I learned about the different major philosophical systems. They take particular perspectives on great human questions. I always thought about this myself, but I couldn't make it clear, so it was interesting for me to read. The social reconstructionism section caught my attention. Social reconstructionism was developed right after the World War 2, by a … Doug Song 005. 계속 읽기