EDTC 400. Mentoring


For the semester, I got to mentor four students from the #EDTC300 class. I enjoyed following Jessi, Daniel, Manuela, and Danna on their ed-tech journey. But at first, I felt little uncomfortable about the fact that I need to mentor my colleagues. I loved watching how their ideas of technology throughout the course. I found that my group of mentees are thoughtful and dedicated. That changed my mindset from trying to teach to just casually talk about our thoughts and I felt more comfortable to share my ideas.


This mentoring experience has proven to be a great help in teaching online lectures, but for me, there were also some challenges. I don’t think I would excel at teaching an online course. I prefer on face-to-face interaction and I think it’s because if I was going to teach somebody, I like to see what the students think in person; I think that makes it easier for me to tell if the student is struggling or not.


Overall, I was delighted to have the opportunity to mentor 300 EDTC students. Jessi, Daniel, Manuela, and Danna were great students! It was really good to see them grow their online identity. It was really good for me. And I hope that EDTC 300 students will be rewarded.


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