EDTC 400. Technology is NOT a force for equity in society.

We should go over the difference between equality and equity before start talking about this topic. This article well explains both words using examples from the real classroom environments. What does fairness mean when everyone is so different? Treating everyone the same is actually not fair. Equality is treating everyone the same, but it can only work if people are from the same place, need some help, and etc. Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful, but it can move everyone to success by leveling the playing field. Not everyone starts at the same place, and need the same help. This leads to the next article. 

The story from the two towns from Philadelphia with the significant differences in finance. But those towns had the libraries with the fast internet, latest software, and more. The researchers were interested if giving technologies to children in poverty can close the gap between the richer children. Well… It didn’t. What happened was actually the opposite of what the researchers assumed. Children from the poor town were not using technologies effectively, they used to play games, waste time, or they didn’t get much help. On the other hand, children from the rich town were getting much help from the adults; adults were sitting beside the children, and helped them whenever got stuck.

This tells me one thing. By giving wizardry machines to children simply won’t do the all the works for everyone. Of course, I agree that technologies have developed so much in good ways and they are super useful. But those are only tools. Any tools can be turned evil or good. I think to truly use technologies effectively, we can’t just blame it on the machines, we need to look how we use them.


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