EDTC 400. Technology is making our kids unhealthy: Agree or disagree?

Childhood obesity spreads like wildfire throughout the United States. Over the past 30 years, it has more than doubled in children and more than four times in adolescents. To cope with the increasingly sick young population, the company also offers computer programs, interactive apps, and health trackers. I will not talk about the technology of the hospital. Of course, science and technology have developed so much that it has provided a very useful tool for doctors, and it will talk about the technologies that kids use in their daily lives. LeapBand is LeapFrog’s first wearable health tracker for children called Leapband. Designed for children ages 4 to 7, there are 50 activities to promote physical activity habits. Children can stay healthy by using the Internet. Sports tutorials videos, motivational videos, healthy eating plans, and more. Cool, but what about the other side of opinions? I wonder why children are not getting healthy nowadays. This article said “So more time with computers and phones can make us gain weight not just because we’re more sedentary, but because of their effect on our sleep cycles”, according to the UCLA Chancellor, Gene Block. I often go on my phone for couple hours at least before I fall asleep. Would more technologies on our wrists, desks, and everywhere let me sleep? It suggests making the bedroom electronic devices free. Also in this article, when someone said to their kids to stop using their devices, they replied what else were they going to do? That shocked me. I guess we can’t blame it all on the children. Policy makers and city leaders need to get together so parents and kids have viable alternatives to screen time. I think how sometimes there’s not only one absolute answer, using technologies can be different from person to person and it can be good or bad.


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